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إدارة المشاريع وأسس الحفاظ المعماري

إعلان عن بدء التسجيل لدورة تدريبية بعنوان " إدارة المشاريع وأسس الحفاظ المعماري" ضمن مكون التدريب في برنامج القدس لإعمار البلدات القديمة في مؤسسة التعاون، وبالتعاون مع نقابة المهندسين - فرع القدس وبتمويل من الصندوق العربي للإنماء الاقتصادي والاجتماعي، نعلن عن عقد دورة تدريبية متخصصة في القدس بعنوان "إدارة المشاريع وأسس الحفاظ المعماري "،الفئة المستهدفة: 12-15 مهندسا/ة من العاملين في المكاتب الهندسية الاستشارية والمؤسسات العاملة في مجال الحفاظ المعماري والمهندسين المهتمين في موضوع حفظ التراث والطلبة الراغبين في زيادة معلوماتهم في هذا المجال<


Terrestrial Laser Scanning: from data acquisition to deliverable

 Short intensive course :Terrestrial Laser Scanning: from data acquisition to deliverablesJerusalem Old Cities Revitalization Program- Taawon’s with a generous fund from Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, would like to announce about  an intensive  short course “Terrestrial Laser Scanning: from data acquisition to deliverables” This course aims to illustrate the processing procedures with terrestrial laser scanners, starting from data acquisition and registration methods.


Reconstruction of Al-Shoubi Residential Complex

A whole residential complex (Hosh), where 18 families lived, was completely destroyed in 2002 during the Israeli invasion of Nablus. The Technical Office implemented a comprehensive reconstruction project including a phase to remove debris & remains and 2 phases for reconstruction of the destroyed parts, provision of new infrastructure and restoration of the remaining historic parts. Project implementation started in 2006 and completion is expected before end 2009. 

Rehabilitation of Habaleh project

When we came to the place, it was full of dirt and waste and was causing social and environmental problems to the population in the old town.After preparing all the studies, we decided to work on-site project that serves the local residents and makes the place the center for recreational activities.The landscape is part of our wish to build an attraction for local residents that will increase visitor numbers to the old city.The amphitheater area offers a good place to youth and visitors for playing and social activities.Also is now a place where schools and other groups are able to learn ab

Technical office unit in Nablus

Located at the center of the Old City of Nablus in Salahi Street, the two-storey abandoned and physically deteriorated building was restored and rehabilitated to fit its new function, as the location for the Technical Office for the Restoration Unit and the office of the Local Committee of Nablus Governorate.The work included restoration of the internal spaces, protecting the original geometric colored tiles and replacing the damaged tiles by new ones of traditional design.Most of the wooden work, including screens, mashrabiyyat and original windows, were restored and maintained.

The National Music Consenatoire ( Edward Said)

The Shihabi family building located in al-Zahra Str. In East Jerusalem was last owned by the late Zuleikha Shihabi who was a renowned Palestinian women’s rights activist. It dates back to 1900-1920. This residence delineates a particular and important period in the social, cultural, economic and political development in Jerusalem. It has historic aesthetic, technological and documental value. After its restoration and adaptive reuse it will house the Edward Sa’eed Institute for Music, which is affiliated to Birzeit University.

Patriotic Quptic Club

Adaptive Reuse: The aim of conservation should be the daily utilization of historic buildings since this integrates the structures into the community and is one of the best methods to protect it against physical damage. Some creative solutions have been found for adaptive reuse of neglected buildings by restoring the structure to use through providing modern facilities while protecting the historic and architectural features.

Wjood Community Centre - Hamilat Al-Tib Society

The “Janho” historic building is over 650 years old located near Jaffa Gate northwest the Old City. Originally built as residence for the Khalidi family, the building was sold to the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate about a century ago. The building was abando

Guidance and Advice Centre

Located in a two-storey building facing Al-Buraq plaza, the property was abandoned for many years until the Awqaf administration began utilizing it as a Counseling and Guidance Center. The restoration project included restoration of the historic parts of


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