Al-Aqsa Library Rest.

This building of early Islamic architecture had been added to the Templer Hall erected by the Crusaders and was previously used as a women’s mosque attached to Al-Aqsa mosque. In 2000 the OCJRP team carefully restored and adapted this unique historic cros

Islamic Museum

The Islamic museum occupies the southwest corner of al Haram al Sharif compound. It comprises 2 major halls, a wide front courtyard overlooking al Aqsa mosque, and a back court and garden overlooking al Buraq wall, in addition to a number of rooms and sto

Armenian Museum

Located within the Armenian convert in the west side of the Armenian Quarter, this museum occupies a u- shaped two floor building surrounding a large courtyard and garden. This large structure of exceptional architectural and historical value, comprises

Al-Budairiyya Library

For the past century, the Budairiyya library has been housed in a seven-room complex adjacent to Al Haram Al Sharif that was once a zawiya in the early Islamic period. The library, along with its historical manuscripts, had become badly dilapidated. Resto

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