Welfare Association Signed a Grant Agreement of 1.3 million Euros Submitted by the European Union


Thu, 29 August 2013

Under the title of "Restoration and Rehabilitation of Housing in Jerusalem‘s Historic Urban Core" ...

Under the title of "Restoration and Rehabilitation of Housing in Jerusalem‘s Historic Urban Core", Welfare Association signed a 1.3 million Euros grant agreement through the European Union.

The purpose of the project is to improve housing conditions for Palestinians living in and around the Old City of Jerusalem, institutionalized applied training in the restoration sector in Palestine, improve availability of adequate among scientific information, and learning tool that increase the knowledge needed in the decision making process when implementing restoration works, and improve in the application of international standards in preserving cultural property in Jerusalem in line with international conventions and charters facilitated through the Old City of Jerusalem Revitalization Programme of Welfare Association.

The grant, which will be implemented over three years, dedicates to restore the amount of 14 residential units which contain around 80-85 people. As it seeks to train 12 specialist and craftsmen, besides 12 qualified workers to carry out construction work and conservations. The grant targets at least three competent organizations work in heritage preservation and rehabilitation.

Dr. Tafeeda Jarbawi, Director General of Welfare Association, praised the importance and vital role and support provided by the European Union to contribute in improving the living conditions of the citizens in the Old City of Jerusalem. She stressed out on the importance of restoration and rehabilitation of housing in Jerusalem‘s Historic Urban Core, which would contribute in maintaining the Arab character.