Revitalisation Plan for the Old City of Nablus

Comprehensive Revitalisation Plan

The Old City of Jerusalem Revitalisation Programme published the Revitalization Plan for the Old City of Nablus in Arabic in January 2012 (for more information click here). the OCJRP started developing in 2007 a comprehensive revitalization plan for the Old City of Nablus. The project aims to identify needs and priorities in the Old City from thorough needs assessment studies in various developmental sectors based on research and surveys. The research findings help decision makers to develop their future plans.

The studies include urban development, economic and tourist sector, infrastructure, transportation and housing, and social and institutional sectors as well as a study for the historic development at the city. A number of experts in various fields participated in the study in coordination with Nablus Municipality.

the English Version of the Plan was published in the 4th quarter of 2012. You can view the two parts of the book from the bellow links: