Masarat Project

The project was organized by PalVision and aimed to raise community awareness about Palestinian cultural heritage and the importance of preserving Palestinian identity. The project targeted 2,270 Palestinians of different ages living in Jerusalem and supported cultural and artistic elements through the production of an animation film that displays historical periods of Jerusalem which was displayed in 20 different schools in Jerusalem. Dr. Yousef Al-Natsheh was contracted to collect needed material based on his expertise, and a Jordanian animation company named “Twisted” was contracted to write the script and produce the animation film. Furthermore, the project worked to raise awareness about the importance of Palestinian cultural heritage through six cultural events in the Old City of Jerusalem (Two in houses, and four in organizations/schools) as well as underlining the role of the Palestinian youth in a joint effort with civil society organizations. These events aimed to revive cultural life and celebrate Palestinian identity, and were conducted in organizations/ schools in African Community Society, Industrial Islamic Orphanage School Theatre, Old City Youth Association and Abna Al-Quds Club. The evenings were launched by a storyteller who illustrated Palestinian cultural heritage and Palestinian stories highlighting archaeology of the Old City of Jerusalem with specific emphasis on each evening’s venue. The evenings featured Doom Band that performed unique and diverse traditional Palestinian songs and Mawals. The band is specialized in several traditional musical instruments including Oud, Buzuq, Mezmar and percussion as well as two traditional lead vocal artists. Brining 1948 and Jerusalem community members during the last evening reinforced a sense of unified Palestinian identity as it enabled participants to meet each other and exchange stories. The evenings’ interactive nature fostered a positive participation and unity celebrating Palestinian values and traditions as participating community members expressed their enthusiasm in the importance of shedding the light on the selected venues.