Community Outreach

The Cultural Heritage Community Education Programme is a main component of the OCJRP comprehensive Revitalization Programme. It was initiated in 1999 with the support of Ford Foundation. During the 8 years, the programme developed and matured and greatly assisted the OCJRP team in its work in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The community outreach programme aims to encourage the community to participate in the protection of cultural heritage in the Old City. This component is implemented in collaboration with local community institutions to develop activities aimed at increasing community awareness of the importance of protecting the city's cultural heritage, encouraging different groups to be involved in various activities related to heritage preservation, as well as encouraging residents to participate in the restoration/rehabilitation of their own houses.

The programme involves social activities such as tours, workers, competition and summer camps for youth and children. It is implemented through social institutions and clubs focusing on children and youth and recently developed a special project for women participation.