2nd Seminar :The Role of Local Institutions to preserve the Architectural and Cultural Heritage in Palestine

 The Old City of Jerusalem Revitalisation Programme / Welfare Association   hold recently a seminar entitled “Role of Local Institution in the Preservation of Architectural, Historical, and Cultural Heritage in Palestine”, this seminar comes within the efforts of The Old City of Jerusalem Revitalisation Programme / Welfare Association , for development of an Architectural Heritage Preservation Institute in Jerusalem, under the agreement signed between Welfare Association and UNESCO funded by European commission, Continued a two-day Seminar (27-28, Feb.2010), With the participation of many institutions and competent authorities, which are concerned and aware of the importance of preserving the architectural and cultural heritage in Palestine, which included the Ministry Tourism and Antiquities, the Islamic Waqf / Jerusalem, the Committee for the reconstruction of Al-Aqsa and Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem Society for Welfare and Development, Conservation of Hebron Old Town, Riwaq Centre for Architectural Conservation, Centre for Cultural Heritage Preservation –Bethlehem , Nablus Municipality, Civil Society of Nablus governorate , Engineers Association –Jerusalem , Center for Mosaic - Jericho, and graduates from Architectural Heritage Preservation Institute in Jerusalem. The Seminar main objectives were:

  • To bring together professionals and specialists in the formal and informal sectors, policy and decision makers in institutions involved in the preservation of Palestinian architectural heritage
  • To exchange ideas and experiences
  • To develop a general framework for the protection of cultural heritage in Palestine and to consolidate all the efforts in this important field