Community Awareness

The Community Awareness Programme was initiated in 2000 with the support of the Ford Foundation.

The Community Awareness Programme was initiated in 2000 with the support of the Ford Foundation.

Masarat Project

The project was organized by PalVision and aimed to raise community awareness about Palestinian cultural heritage and the importance of preserving Palestinian identity.

Our Stones Our Identity Project

The project aims to raise youth awareness towards the architectural features and values of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Restoration Activities in the Old City of Jerusalem

This project worked in collaboration with the Al-Saraya Centre for Community Service to gather children together from Jerusalem and its surrounding areas with the objective of teaching them about the history of Jerusalem's Old City. Al Saraya Center networked with community organizations such as Al Bustan Center (from Silwan), Al Ansar Club (Wadi Kadeem), Shomoo’ Al Quds (Altur), Silwan...

Cleaning and Preserving Cultural Heritage Sites

These projects aimed to clear cultural heritage sites of litter in Jerusalem and its surrounding areas. They mainly involved young students ranging from elementary to university students, and bestowed valuable lessons on appreciating and recognizing the significance of such sites to future generations.

Community Awareness programme

A - Internship programme Three engineers from Nablus and Jerusalem completed their training through the internship programme. B - Outreach programme Three Community OrganizationS in the Old City of Jerusalem carried out activities in the Old City aiming to raise cultural awareness among children, youth, and women These are:

Community Partnership Pilot Course

In 2003, two coordinators implemented a community outreach programme for the comprehensive rehabilitation project planned for the Ribat Ala' al-Din al-Baseer, one of the oldest pilgrims' hostels in Jerusalem that has been home to the Palestinian African community since the late Ottoman period.

Community Outreach

The Cultural Heritage Community Education Programme is a main component of the OCJRP comprehensive Revitalization Programme. It was initiated in 1999 with the support of Ford Foundation. During the 8 years, the programme developed and matured and greatly assisted the OCJRP team in its work in the Old City of Jerusalem.