Al Burq Resturant

An unused street front space, located at the end of Tariq al-Wad and near Suq al-Qattanin, had been a dark and neglected former stable, probably dating from the early Islamic era, and full of debris. The project adapted the domed, split-level space to accommodate a modern restaurant. Implementation began by clearing the meters-deep debris from the lower ground floor and ventilating/drying the space for several months before cleaning the stone walls and pointing them with lime mortar.

Suq al-Qattanin

One of the finest and rarest examples of Mamluk bazaars, and including the magnificent Bab al-Qattanin gate from Al Haram Al Sharif, this arcade was once one of the most important in Jerusalem, but had badly deteriorated over the centuries. The project involved restoration and rehabilitation of the roof which was completed in 2003, and a two-phased restoration of the shopping arcades and stalls, begun in 2004 and completed in 2005.

Rehabilitation of Al-Zahra Street Phase 1

Adaptive Reuse: The aim of conservation should be the daily utilization of historic buildings since this integrates the structures into the community and is one of the best methods to protect it against physical damage. Some creative solutions have been found for adaptive reuse of neglected buildings by restoring the structure to use through

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